VForce Profiler Review: High Quality Mask for an Affordable Price

VForce Profiler review

Investing in a high quality paintball mask is one of the best purchases a player can make when starting out in paintball. Unfortunately, most of the high quality masks on the market today are far too expensive for the average player, usually costing upwards of $100 or more.

So what are you supposed to do if (like me) you want a high quality paintball mask but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Well, I would personally recommend you take a look at the VForce Profiler.

Not only does the Profiler come with an unparalleled field of view, but it also offers great comfort and protection, plenty of ventilation and even a Quickchange lens system that allows you to easily change your lens in a matter of seconds.

In order to help you decide if this is the right paintball mask for you I’ll be going over all of these benefits in detail, as well as informing you on some of the disadvantages that you may receive while using this mask. So if you’re interested in seeing everything this mask has to offer then continue reading the rest of this VForce Profiler review.

Wide Field of View

When trying on the VForce Profiler for the very first time I was absolutely blown away at how limited my vision was before using this mask. This is because all of the rental masks I had the privilege of using beforehand only came with a flat lens that had a very narrow field of view.

The VForce Profiler, on the other hand, comes with a uniquely designed spherical lens that has a 280° field of view and is completely free of distortion. This massive spherical lens gives you a huge advantage over many of the other players on the field because it directly increases your peripheral vision and allows you to see much more effectively out of the corner of your eye.

And while the lens on the VForce Profiler may be considered a single pane lens, its ThermoCured™ coating still works great at preventing fog. However, I would recommend upgrading to a dual pane lens later on down the road.

Great Comfort and Protection

Even though the VForce Profiler is nowhere near the most expensive paintball mask on the market, it’s still considered to be one of the most comfortable paintball masks ever made.

While most of this comfort is due to the super soft open cell foam that is both breathable and fast-drying, you also have to acknowledge the Profiler’s lightweight design and ability to stay snug and secure to your face.

There’s more to this mask than just comfort though.

The VForce Profiler also provides the player with both a great amount of protection and a low profile design. This makes the Profiler the perfect mask for players who don’t want to leave their face to be overly exposed but still want to keep their profile as low as possible.

So what exactly makes this mask so great for protection?

For starters, there are two different types of material used in the design of this mask. There’s a soft rubber material used to make the ear piece, middle and side edges of the mask. And there’s a hard plastic material used throughout the rest of the mask.

While the soft rubber material is great for bounces and allowing players to aim better while using a stock, the hard plastic material is great at keeping the mask in one place and protecting your face. The Profiler is also a little bit longer in the chin department than many of the other high end masks, giving you that little extra bit of protection for the lower jaw area of your face.

Plenty of Ventilation

One of the worst feelings in paintball is being forced to wear a mask with little ventilation when you’re so exhausted from running that you’re literally gasping for air.

But wait, it gets even worse.

Not only does a lack of ventilation make it harder for you to breathe, but it also causes your mask to fog up at a much faster rate. Fortunately, the VForce Profiler comes with strategically placed ventilation holes that allow you to breathe easily without the worry of excessive paint getting through the mask.

And while it may not be as breathable as a mask such as the Empire E-Flex, it’s still better than most.

Easy to Remove Lens

Being able to change out your lens in only a matter of seconds is essential if you’re going to play paintball on a regular basis. Anyone who thinks otherwise evidently hasn’t had to clean a cheap mask after being shot in the lens.

If you haven’t then let me be the first to warn you, it’s not very fun.

Now I will admit that the QuickChange™ system on the Profiler isn’t as simple as the rapid lens change system on the Dye I4, but it’s still plenty fast enough for the average player. After removing the lens a few times and breaking it in you should be able to fully swap out a lens in around 30 seconds or less.

What Consumer Reviews Have to Say About the VForce Profiler

After reading countless reviews of the VForce Profiler I can definitely say that I’m not alone when I claim that the Profiler is the best paintball mask you can buy for the price. Don’t just take my word for it either, there’s plenty of other reviews on Amazon.com that essentially say the exact same thing. Here’s one of those reviews below.

This mask is completely worth the money. Stylish, functional, stays on my head at all times. Never fogged up once, even in the cold when I was breathing quite heavy.

Of course, not every consumer review of the Profiler was overly positive. Some consumers did complain about the single pane lens fogging up after a few games, and many found replacing the visor to be quite annoying as well.

As mentioned before, you can always buy a thermal pane lens to further reduce the risk of fog, but unfortunately there’s not much you can do about the visor. Personally though, I’m just glad that VForce provided us with two different visors to use. Whereas some companies don’t even provide you with a visor at all.

Consumers also seem to appreciate the variety of mask colors you get to choose from, in addition to the variety of lens options as well. If you really want to attract attention though (or even blend in) you can always get the SE (Special Edition) version of the Profiler. My personal favorite is the Woodland Camo.

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