Top 7 Best Paintball Fields in the United States

best paintball fields
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How much fun you can have while playing paintball depends greatly on where you’re playing.

If you’re playing on a badly constructed or horribly managed paintball field (or a poorly refed one) then you’re going to have a bad time. However, if you’re playing on a paintball field that’s well-built, well-managed, and has quality refs that care about the player’s experience, then you’re most likely going to have a good time.

Here below I’ve listed seven of the best paintball fields in the United States to help give you an idea of what a good paintball field looks like.

So without further ado, let’s begin this list with one of my favorite paintball venues of all time, Skirmish Paintball. 

Skirmish Paintball | Pennsylvania

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Skirmish Paintball is located in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, and is home of the Invasion of Normandy scenario paintball game — the most popular paintball scenario on the east coast of the United States. You can typically expect over 4000 players to attend this WWII-themed paintball scenario.

Skirmish Paintball is also one of the biggest paintball fields ever created, spanning over 750 acres on the Pocono Mountain and consisting of 50+ themed paintball maps. The most famous paintball field at Skirmish would have to be the Tippmann Castle which is three stories tall and has its own siege tower.

Some of the other cool paintball fields at Skirmish include Fort Skirmish, Tippmann City, Tunnels, Cyclone, Hemlock, Shadowlands, and more! At Skirmish Paintball you can expect to see “open fields, dense woods, creeks, bridges, swamps, rhododendron trees, forts, villages, TWO CASTLES, cargo containers, tanks, airplanes, speedball arenas, and inflatable bunkers” as stated on

Wayne’s World of Paintball | Florida

Located in Ocala, Florida is a 60+ acre scenario paintball field known as Wayne’s World of Paintball. Wayne’s World is one of my favorite paintball fields as it’s located in Florida and has everything a woodsball player could ask for. 

There are three speedball fields, plenty of forts, a South American coastal village (with 26 huts and a hacienda), an Incan pyramid, a two-story church, sentry towers, speed trails, small & large outposts, an airstrip (filled with hangars, radar towers, buildings, and a helicopter), and a large bountiful forest that’s perfect for playing woodsball.

And while Wayne’s World may not have as many different themed fields as some of the other paintball venues on this list, Wayne’s World does have many different fun sections of the map that you can play such as the Boat Basin, Railway Tower, Pyramid, and my personal favorite — Sinkertown.

Sinkertown is a giant sinkhole that’s covered with woods and is the perfect environment for a paintball sniper. I love it here.

OSG Paintball | New Hampshire

Want to see what a paintball field looks like when the owner(s) are dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible?

You do?

Great! Then you’ll want to head down to Barnstead, New Hampshire so you can check out OSG Paintball

OSG Paintball is built on 43 acres of land and has 12 themed paintball fields that are each amazing in their own way. Here’s a list of those 12 paintball fields below.

  1. Star Wars
  2. Area 51
  3. Empire Castle
  4. Pirate Cove
  5. First Contact
  6. Halo Village
  7. Tombstone Western Town
  8. Hamburger Hill
  9. Sherwood Forest
  10. The LZ
  11. Urban Town
  12. James Woods

Yes, you read that right, at OSG Paintball you can play on a Star Wars themed paintball field that has a two-story AT-AT, an X-Wing Fighter, and an Ewok village. 

More of an alien fan? 

Then make sure to check out their Area 51 and First Contact paintball field and you’ll have an experience so fun some would say it’s out of this world.

My absolute favorite paintball field at OSG, however, would have to be Pirate Cove as it has a full-size tri-mast pirate ship (it’s huge), six boats, and a lighthouse.

Don’t worry about getting hungry while you play at OSG Paintball has recently started selling fresh, high-quality food at their paintball field at their restaurant called The Bunker.

D-Day Adventure Park | Oklahoma

From Facebook of D-Day Adventure Park

For the longest time, Oklahoma D-Day at D-Day Adventure Park in Wyandotte, Oklahoma was the biggest paintball scenario in the world, regularly attracting over 4000 players to play at this World War II reenactment of the Invasion of Normandy. Unfortunately, after 2021 there will be no more Oklahoma D-Day events, but at least they’re not closing their field entirely so you can still go there to play paintball (or airsoft if that’s your thing).

If you’ve never heard of D-Day Adventure Park before, it’s by far the biggest paintball field in the world with over 740 + Acres of land to play on. In fact, the paintball field is so big that if you’re not careful you could easily get lost and find yourself with a long walk back to base.  

While the sheer size of the D-Day Adventure Park is by far its biggest feature, it’s certainly not the only thing this goliath of a paintball field has to offer. During their WWII-themed scenario paintball games, you would often see tanks, bazookas, and even the occasional helicopter flying overhead!

Paintball Explosion | Illinois

If you’re tired of playing at regular paintball fields, head on over to East Dundee, Illinois and check out one of the coolest paintball theme parks of all time — Paintball Explosion!

Some of the themed paintball fields you can play on at Paintball Explosion include Biohazard, Code Black, Mutiny, Nam, World at War, and my personal favorite — Nuketown. 

Nuketown is based on the Call of Duty first-person shooter and resembles the pop-up towns that were designed in the American Southwest to test the destructive impact of nuclear bombs during WWII. Nuketown has sandbags, test dummies, multiple vehicles, a bus, and (2) two-story houses.

You also have a wide variety of different paintball guns you can rent at Paintball Explosion, including the Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum, Tippmann X7 Phenom, and the Planet Eclipse Etek 4 with Dye Rotor. As far as rentals go it doesn’t get much better than that!

If you have children you can also bring them along to play laser tag or low-impact paintball. Or if you want to disown them you can let them play airsoft as well. 

Hollywood Sports | California

Hollywood Sports is far from your average paintball field. 

This multi-million dollar outdoor facility in Bellflower, California has one of the best paintball fields in the world, featuring actual movie set props from world-famous movies such as Saving Private Ryan, Godzilla, Starship Troopers, Supernova, and The Haunting.

And because Bellflower is near Los Angeles, it’s also commonly visited by movie stars and celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and even the Terminator himself — Arnold Schwarzenegger. So I guess you can understand why it’s called Hollywood Sports. 

At Hollywood Sports, you can either play paintball on one of their 8 themed paintball fields, their airball field, or their low-impact paintball field. Here’s a list of their 8 themed paintball fields below:

  1. Apocalypse
  2. Cajun Terror
  3. Combat Center
  4. Escape LA
  5. Lunar Wars
  6. Mad Max
  7. Raccoon City
  8. Zombie Land                  

However, Hollywood Sports has a lot more to offer than just paintball. On their 28 acres of land, you can either play arrow/laser tag, dodgeball, volleyball, airsoft, or you can rock climb on their Rockwall or BMX on their dirt track. 

Click here to see a full map of the entire outdoor facility.

EMR Event Park | Pennsylvania

Did somebody say castle?

Not just one castle either, at the EMR Event Park in New Milford, Pennsylvania there are multiple castles (Castle Aaarrghh, Castle War, and Castle Numbskull) that you can play in, on, or around. These three castles have plenty of barricades, buildings, and even multiple stories & two & three-story towers that you can climb to the top of and rain down paintballs from above. 

And when you get tired of playing paintball in a castle (if that’s even possible), you can head over to one of the towns (Tippmann Town, Tippmann Town 2.0, Valken Town) or you can check out the Wild West (Miner’s camp with a mine shaft, hacienda, Native American teepee village, train station), Sgt. Splatters Playground (175-ft bridge, trenches, tunnels), or Ferrymen’s Airfield (tower & landing strip).

This 122-acre facility (with 80+ playable acres) also has a two-story heated rec center with a paintball store, food & drink services, and a lounge area upstairs that has tables & chairs (for eating or hanging out), ping pong tables, foosball tables, darts, a large TV, and a stage for live bands during big events. There’s also a picnic pavilion outside that has a gas grill for anyone to use. 



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