Ultimate Review of the Dye Proto Matrix Rail Paintball Gun

DYE Proto Rail Review

If you’re tired of being beat by the other players on the speedball field, then stop using that old rental gun and check out the Proto Matrix Rail (PMR) from Dye Paintball. While the PMR may be one of the more affordable electric markers you can buy, it’s still capable of competing with the other high-end paintball guns on the field.

This is because the Proto Rail was built from the ground up to be the go-to marker for the beginner to intermediate speedball player. It comes included with a Dye Fuse Bolt, Hyper3 in-line regulator, self-cleaning eye system, and has an impressive rate of fire of 15 BPS. The Proto Rail is also one of the most aesthetic and ergonomically designed entry-level markers I’ve ever used. However, it does come with a few flaws as well.

Proto Rail Review

In this Proto Rail review we will be discussing all of its best features (as well aIn this unbiased review of the DYE Proto Rail we will be discussing all of its best features – as well as its pros and cons – so you can decide if this is the right paintball gun for you. If you read this review and then make the decision that the Proto Rail isn’t the right paintball gun for you, then don’t be afraid to look around our site and see what else you can find.

UltraLite Frame

From the moment you lay your hands on the Proto Rail you’ll notice right away that this marker is extremely comfortable to hold. Its UltraLite frame is ergonomically designed like an hourglass to fit perfectly in your hands, and the composite material it’s made from is so light that the marker doesn’t weigh you down.

An adjustable trigger is even included with the PMR so that you can fine-tune the pull of the trigger exactly the way you want it. All you have to do is use the allen keys that come included with the marker to loosen or tighten the two screws behind the trigger. These two screws are responsible for controlling the forward and over travel of the trigger, or essentially how far forward or backward the trigger will travel.

Circuit Board

Inside every electronic marker is a circuit board that’s responsible for controlling how your marker performs. With the circuit board of the PMR you can adjust the rate of fire (10-15 BPS), dwell, trigger sensitivity and even change firing modes (semi-automatic, Millennium, PSP, and full auto). You can also activate the ABS (Anti Bolt Stick) which causes the dwell to increase after 15 seconds of non-use. This is done in order to help prevent bolt-stick, but unfortunately, it does increase the velocity for the first shot you take as well.

To enter the configuration mode of the circuit board you simply have to turn the marker off, remove 3 screws from the grip-frame, and then toggle the 2nd DIP switch up to the ON position. After you have done so all you need to do is turn the marker back on and then pull the trigger to cycle through the different settings (we recommend you read the manual). After you have the Rail configured exactly the way you want it just toggle the 2nd DIP switch back down to the OFF position and you’re good to go.

Hyper 3 Inline Regulator

Dye has always had a reputation for producing some of the best regulators in paintball, and the Hyper 3 is no exception to the rule. With this regulator you will no longer have to worry about those huge spikes in velocity that you’ve dealt with in the past, as the Hyper 3 utilizes a shim stack design that provides an extremely consistent flow that’s also highly responsive to changes in pressure.

When using the Proto Rail for the first time the Hyper 3 should come factory set at an operating pressure of 150 psi, which is the equivalent of shooting a velocity of around 285 FPS (feet per second). Whenever you need to change the velocity you simply have to use an allen key to turn the adjustment screw underneath the regulator.

Unfortunately, performing maintenance on the Hyper 3 regulator isn’t as easy. Because the Proto Rail uses a steel braided line instead of a microline with swivel fittings, you’re forced to remove the two screws that hold the grip frame to the body just to unscrew the regulator. However, using a steel braided line does come with its benefits as well, so in the end, it may not be such a bad thing after all.

Anti-Chop Eyes with Self-Cleaning Eye Pipe

Using breakbeam technology the Anti-Chop Eye (ACE) system of the Proto Rail is able to send a laser between the two eyes in the breech. Only once this laser is broken by a paintball entering the breech will you be able to finally fire the marker.

In order to protect the anti-chop eyes from dirt and broken paint, a polycarbonate eye pipe was included inside the breech of the gun. This eye pipe effectively cleans itself when the marker is fired thanks to the squeegee-like effect caused by the bolt tip O-ring sliding through the seamless eye pipe.

To further simplify this marker Dye also made sure to integrate the ball detents into the eye pipe as well. In the rare case your ball detents ever go bad you can simply detach them from the eye pipe and buy a new one for only around 5 bucks.

Fuse Bolt

Not only is the 1-piece Fuse Bolt System on the Proto Rail highly reliable and consistent, but it’s also extremely easy to perform maintenance on as well. It only takes 2 counter-clockwise rotations with an allen key and you can easily remove the fuse bolt from the marker right away. Instead of simply pulling the bolt out, however, we’ve found the best way is to stick your finger through the breach of the feedneck and gently push it out.

In order for your PMR to function at optimal levels, we recommend that you properly clean and lube the fuse bolt as often as you can. Color coded O-rings are also included with the Rail to make performing maintenance on the fuse bolt easier than ever.


  • Composite 45 Frame
  • Hyper 3 in-line regulator
  • 1-piece Fuse Bolt
  • Anti-chop eyes with self-cleaning eye pipe
  • Adjustable clamping feedneck
  • 12” Boomstick barrel
  • Steel braided airline
  • Matrix/Autococker barrel threads
  • 4 tournament firing modes (semi-automatic, Millennium, PSP and full auto)
  • Comes with an allen key set, 9v battery, Dye lube, color coded O-rings and a barrel sleeve
  • Runs on HPA/Nitrogen only
  • Weight of 1.62 lbs.
  • Bright LED display

Should You Buy the Proto Rail?

If you love playing the game of speedball but your current marker situation is holding you back from getting the eliminations you deserve, then you may want to check out the Proto Rail from Dye Paintball. While this paintball gun may cost you a little more than your average beginner-level marker, it’s definitely worth it if you want to be able to stand a chance against the other players on the speedball field.

Right out of the box the Proto Rail comes with a Hyper 3 in-line regulator, 1-piece Fust Bolt, self-cleaning eye system, 4 different firing modes and a maximum rate of fire of 15 BPS. The PMR also comes with an ergonomic frame that makes it one of the most comfortable markers you’ll find in its price range.

However, while there might be a lot of good things to say about the Proto Rail, there are also a few downsides to the marker as well. The biggest problem with the Rail being that it can be a little bit of a gas hog, making it not the best option for those who don’t play at a field that supplies free all day air.

Besides the lack of efficiency, there really isn’t too much else to complain about with the Proto Rail. You may want to eventually upgrade to a better feedneck and get an On/Off Asa with microline fittings, but other than that this really is a great marker for the beginner to intermediate speedball player. As long as you take care of the Rail and lube it up often this marker should surely serve you well on the inflatable battlefield.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the Proto Rail and make sure to check back often to see what new reviews we have in store for you.

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