Empire Apex 2 Review: Shoot Further and Around Obstacles


If you often find yourself shooting at an opponent that’s just barely out of range (or camping behind a bush or bunker) then you may want to consider getting the Apex 2 by Empire Paintball. Not only will the Apex 2 allow you to shoot further than ever before, but it will also give you the ability to shoot around obstacles so you can finally hit those players that were before unhittable.

This is all possible thanks to a simple design that puts a spin on the ball as it leaves the end of the barrel. You can then rotate the Apex 2 itself to decide which way you want the ball to curve. This whole process may seem a little complicated at first, but with a little bit of practice you‘ll surely learn how to use it over time. Now, let’s get to the rest of the review of the Apex 2 so you can know exactly how this barrel functions, as well as its pros and cons, and if we think this is the best paintball barrel for you.

Longer Range

If you love playing woodsball or rec ball then I’m sure you’ve been in a few situations before where having just a little extra range may have led to you getting another elimination or two. This is where the Apex 2 comes into play, as it gives you the ability to increase your range on a moment’s notice.

To increase the distance your paintball gun can fire you simply have to move forward the adjustable slider on top of the Apex. This adjustable slider has 9 different levels of control, each one further lowering a rubber ramp inside the Apex itself. When a paintball hits this rubber ramp it forces a backspin to be put on the ball that can make it either go further or curve through the air (depending on how far you push the slider forward).

If you move the slider forward just a few notches it will cause the ball to go further with a flatter trajectory, whereas moving it past that will begin to put a curve on the ball. You can also push the slider all the way back (towards your marker) and eliminate the backspin from the Apex completely.

Flatter Trajectory

While the increase in distance is nice, my personal favorite benefit of the Apex 2 is being able to shoot with a flatter trajectory. This allows you to actually aim at what you’re shooting at, instead of having to tilt your marker back and hope for the best.

Shooting with a flat trajectory also comes in handy in many other situations as well, such as when shooting at someone that’s hiding under a tree in the distance. No longer will you have to hope for a random paintball to make its way through the branches over their head, but instead you can shoot directly at them by adjusting the slider for the appropriate level of trajectory.

Shoot Around Obstacles

Being able to shoot around corners and over obstacles opens up a whole new world of elimination possibilities. Unfortunately, it does require a little bit of practice to be able to effectively curve your paintballs through the air so you can hit your target.

Not only do you have to adjust the slider to the appropriate position, but you also have to twist the Apex 2 itself to guide which way the ball will curve. In most situations, you are better off just trying to lay down suppressive fire and finding a better angle on your opponent.

However, in situations where the curve functionality of the Apex does come in handy – you will definitely be glad you have it.

No Tools Required

Another great feature of the Apex 2 is that it requires absolutely no tools in order to take it apart. Granted, it is held together by 5 O-rings – so disassembling it isn’t the easiest thing in the world. For this reason, we recommend against trying to take it apart while on the field.

  • Increases the range your marker can fire
  • Allows you to curve paintballs in mid-air
  • Allows you to shoot with a flatter trajectory
  • Made out of a highly durable aluminum
  • Requires no tools for maintenance
  • Gives your paintball gun a milsim look
  • Comes in 98C, A5, Spyder and autococker barrel threads
  • Can fit on any Apex ready barrel
  • Can be bought with 18 inch barrel to fit paintball guns with shrouds
  • Only one row of porting on standard barrel so it’s fairly loud
  • Hard to curve balls properly in an actual game
  • Doesn’t work well when it’s raining or if it’s too humid
  • Tough to Clean
  • Rubber ramp that forces ball to spin can break if your velocity is too high
  • Not the most accurate barrel

Our Final Thoughts of the Empire Apex 2

If you want to be able to shoot further (with a flatter trajectory) and curve paintballs around obstacles, then the Apex 2 may just be for you. The only barrel that can actually compete with the capabilities of the Apex 2 is the Flatline, but it isn’t designed to do anything other than increase you range – and it can only be used on certain markers made by Tippmann.

On the other hand, the Apex 2 can be used with virtually any marker of your choosing. This is because the Apex 2 isn’t actually a barrel at all, but instead a small device that attaches onto the end of a barrel. So even if your paintball gun doesn’t use one of the stock barrel thread options that are available (98C, A5, and Autococker) you can still purchase an Apex-ready barrel (along with the Apex 2 tip itself) and still be good to go.

This makes the Apex 2 (in our opinion) the better choice for anyone who wants to increase their range or perform trick shots to get those seemingly impossible eliminations. Now, we’re not going to act like the Apex 2 is a must-have accessory as it definitely has its flaws as well, but if you want something different than just your average barrel – it’s surely worth giving the Apex 2 a chance.

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