V-Force Grill Review | Does It Perform As Good As It Looks?

V-Force Grill Review
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The V-Force Grill is considered to be an OG (Original Goggle) in the world of paintball masks and has forever earned its spot in the paintball community. 

Besides being one of the coolest-looking paintball masks ever made, the V-Force Grill is also one of the better performing paintball masks under $100 (although some cost up to $179). However, this doesn’t mean the Grill doesn’t come without its flaws.

In this review of the V-Force Grill I’m going to list all of the pros and cons of this mean-looking paintball mask so you can decide for yourself if the Grill is right for you. Or maybe you’ll decide to go with one of the newer paintball masks and leave this OG in the history books.

Let’s find out. 

V-Force Grill Review

Listed below are all the main reasons I would consider buying the V-Force Grill. I’ve also gone ahead and listed all of the pros and cons of this mean-looking paintball mask so you can be absolutely sure if this is the right paintball mask for you. 

Looks Awesome

VForce Grill Special Edition Hextreme Sand w/Quicksilver HDR & Clear Lens
VForce Grill Special Edition Hextreme Sand w/Quicksilver HDR & Clear Lens
V-Force Grill SE Paintball Mask; Hextreme Sand; New

One of the main reasons the V-Force Grill is attractive to so many players is because of its mean looks. And while its mean looks may not affect the performance of this paintball mask, it does make you look cool and that’s what matters most to some players (myself somewhat included).

I mean let’s be real here.

Everyone wants to be the coolest-looking player at the local paintball field. And with the V-Force Grill you can make that a reality. You can also choose between a wide variety of different colors and patterns so you know you have the

Great Vision 

Even though the lens on the V-Force Grill is smaller than most of the other paintball masks on the market, it still provides the same amount of peripheral vision. This is great news as you get the advantage of having a smaller lens without the disadvantage of losing vision.

So what’s the advantage of having a smaller lens?

The biggest advantage for woodsball players (like myself) is the reduction of lens glare. Having a big bubble lens can result in a lot of glare when the sun is beating down on your paintball mask. This can be a huge disadvantage.

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Another benefit of having a smaller lens is that you’re less likely to be shot on the lens. This not only reduces the chance of you having to clean your lens between games, but it also gives you a slightly higher chance to avoid being humiliated from a direct shot to the lens. 

That’s a win-win if you ask me. 

Easy to Clean

Unlike some of these other paintball masks that are a combination of multiple pieces, the V-Force Grill is only a one-piece paintball mask. This makes it much easier to clean as you don’t have to worry about paint and small pieces of shell getting stuck in between the cracks and crevices like you do with those two and three-piece paintball masks. 

Another great feature that comes included on the V-Force Grill is its replaceable foam. With nothing more than a flathead screwdriver, you can easily remove the foam on the V-Force Grill in a matter of seconds. This makes cleaning the Grill much easier as you can simply remove the foam (and the plastic attached to the foam) and soak the mask itself in hot water with dish soap.

I wouldn’t recommend soaking the foam in hot water though as it may ruin the glue holding the foam to the plastic.

Lens Can Be Changed In Seconds

My favorite feature of the V-Force Grill is how easy it is to remove and replace the lens. 

Simply squeeze and remove both buckles connecting the strap to the inside of the mask, remove the black plastic clips on the outside of both sides of the mask, and then pop out the lens by pushing forward on both sides. 

When you’re ready to pop the lens back in place just do the exact opposite and you’ll be good to go in no time. 

Easy to Wear With Glasses

If you’re not a big fan of wearing contacts and prefer to wear glasses then that’s another reason you may want to consider buying the V-Force Grill.

Unlike many of the other paintball masks on the market, the V-Force Grill comes with a separation in the foam on both sides of the mask. This separation of foam allows you to comfortably wear glasses when playing paintball without having to worry about the temples of your glasses pressing into the side of your head. 

This feature is basically a necessity if you plan on wearing glasses when playing paintball.

  • Great peripheral vision
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple one-piece design
  • Lens can be removed in seconds
  • Easy to replace foam
  • Looks awesome
  • A small lens means less glare
  • Easy to wear with glasses
  • Foam isn’t the softest
  • Not a lot of ventilation (can be hard to breathe)
  • You can hear the echo of your voice when you talk

Would I Recommend the V-Force Grill?


While I would love for the V-Force Grill to have a little more ventilation and maybe some softer foam, that’s just my personal preference. Other players might think the Grill comes with the perfect amount of ventilation and has the perfect softness of foam.

You can also purchase the V-Force Grill for a decent price if you look around and find one on sale. There’s also a huge variety of different colors and pattern options to choose from so you’re bound to find at least one V-Force Grill paintball mask that matches what you’re looking for. 

Unfortunately, some of the cooler pattern combinations can be a bit expensive so you may want to stick to the basic color options if you’re new to the sport. After all, you can always go back and buy the more expensive pattern combination if you decide you truly like this paintball mask.

Pink-Teal with Metamorph
  • Ultra-lightweight construction for unrestricted movement.
  • Pro Visor providing increased protection for sunny or rainy conditions.
  • Full-Flex ProGrill - center face soft rubber area to maximize bounce factor.

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