Dye Rotor R2 Review: Is This the Best Paintball Loader?

dye rotor r2 review
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While the original Dye Rotor is definitely great hopper to own, it isn’t always the best when it comes to loading soft or brittle paint. Luckily for us, not only has the problem with jamming been fixed in the Dye Rotor R2, but a few other common issues has been addressed as well.

These few minor changes have turned what was already a top-of-the-line loader into what may be the best hopper that money can buy. Unfortunately, because the Dye Rotor R2 is one of the top hoppers on the market it does manage to come with a bit of a price tag. That’s why we only recommend this loader to the serious tournament player whose looking to have the absolute best no matter what.

On the other hand, if you’re just getting into paintball then we recommend you buy something much more affordable – as this hopper is meant for high end tournament markers that can shoot at a rate of around 30 BPS or more. However, if you do happen to have a high end tourney marker then continue reading our Dye Rotor R2 review as this may just be the right loader for you.

Improved Technology

One of the main reasons the Dye Rotor R2 excels over other hoppers on the market is thanks to its superior operating system. This operating system comes with a really useful feature known as Dynamic Force Control which eliminates the possibility of excessive force being applied to paintballs going through your loader.

The way that Dynamic Force Control works is by preventing both the drive spring and the motor from driving the Rotor Carousal at the same time. Instead, the drive spring and motor are set to work separately from each other in order to provide a much softer and more consistent drive force. You can even adjust the drive spring tension yourself if you feel you need a little more or less tension.

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Another impressive feature of the R-2’s operating system is that it comes with the industry’s first Reload Alert System. This system works by letting you know exactly when you’re low on paint and it’s time to reload. The Reload Alert System will signal twice when you’ve fired 96 paintballs, and three times when you’ve fired 144 paintballs. The only downside of this system is that you have to press the alert reset button every time you reload.

There’s no need to worry about all these features consuming too much battery though, as Dye made sure to include Active Power Conversation in the operating system as well. This feature automatically lowers and raises the power supply level in order to prevent more power from being used than needed. This helps to greatly extend the battery life of the R-2.

In addition, you can also find dip switches on the bottom side of the gearbox that will allow you to turn off the lights and sounds of the hopper. This feature is essential for night play.

Adjustable Paint Capacity

Gone are the days of having to own two different hoppers just to change the amount of paint you can carry on the field. With the Dye Rotor R2, you can easily adjust the paintball capacity by simply sliding the Top Shell Slide Button on the back of the loader to the left and lifting up the Top Shell. This will allow you to see the amount of paintballs you’re carrying through the window component as well as change the paintball capacity from 200 to 260.

30+ BPS Feed Rate

Using Dye’s patented Rotor Carousel technology the R-2 is easily capable of feeding at a rate of fire of 30+ BPS. This time though Dye made sure to make some minor changes to the feed system so it would be far less likely to jam when using soft or brittle paint. The main change that Dye did to make this happen was that they included an anti-jam rubber feed arm that prevents a ball from jamming in between the rotor and the top of the carousel.

In case a jam ever does happen Dye also made sure to include a jam release trigger on the bottom of the loader. All you have to do is simply pull the trigger when a jam occurs and you will be good to go!

Easy to Reload

Dye designed the Rotor R2 with a mouth lid 15% larger than its predecessor in order to reduce the amount of paintballs lost while trying to load your hopper on the field. Because the mouth lid of the original Rotor was so much smaller you would often lose paint unless you perfectly lined up the pod with the opening.

Now if you find opening the lid each time to reload to be too much of a hassle, you can always upgrade your lid to the Quick Feed. The Quick Feed system allows you to load paintballs directly into the hopper at any time without having to worry about paintballs ever falling back out. This is all possible thanks to the co-molded magnet technology that holds the arms in place.

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Also included with the Dye Rotor R2 is the new Rapid Release Safeguard System. This quick change lid system makes changing the lid take only a matter of seconds. This feature really comes in handy on those days where it unexpectedly rains.

No Tools Needed

Having to drag out your tools every time you want to work on your loader can become fairly annoying, so Dye made sure the R-2 can be broken down for cleaning or maintenance without the use of any tools whatsoever.

The only tool you would ever need to have when using the R-2 is a 1/8 allen wrench if you want to change the drive spring tension.


  • 100,000+ shots on 3AA batteries
  • 200-260 paintball capacity
  • 1 LBS without batteries
  • Spring loaded floor
  • Tool-less disassembly
  • Reload Alert System
  • Rapid Release Safeguard
  • Dynamic Force Control
  • Low battery indicator
  • Adjustable drive tension

Is the Dye Rotor R2 the Best Loader for You?

Once again, this loader was not designed with the average player in mind. The Dye Rotor R2 was instead built from the ground up to be one of the best possible hoppers for the speedball player. With so many new and improved features – it’s easy to see why many of the top professionals have made the switch to using one.


  • Feed rate of 30+ BPS
  • Reserves power when not being used
  • Alerts you when it’s time to reload
  • Comes with jam release trigger to anti-jam your hopper
  • Lid opening is 15% larger than original Rotor
  • Adjustable ball capacity from 200-260 rounds
  • Feeds consistent and is gentle on paint


  • High price tag
  • Harder to field strip than the original Rotor

Usually, this would be the time in the review where we discuss all the drawbacks of this product, but to be honest, the hefty price is about the only negative aspect that we can think to mention. Other than that it may be a little harder to field strip than the original Rotor, but this is only because of the addition of the slide button and adjustable paintball capacity.

So if you want the best hopper on the market and don’t mind spending a little bit of money, then the Dye Rotor R2 will surely suit your needs.

Dye R2 Electronic Paintball Loader (AF1)
  • The World's First Adjustable Capacity Loader - The R2 includes a revolutionary patent pending highly innovative multi-capacity shell that allows the user to choose between 200 or 260 round capacity...
  • Patented Rotor Force Fed Technology, feeds 30+ balls per second and lasts for up to 100,000 shoots on 3AA batteries. Unleash the true capabilities of your marker with a loader that never fails to keep...
  • 20% larger mouth design over the R1 makes it easier to load while keeping your eyes on the game. A completely redesigned Quick Feed system makes changing from rain lid to Quick Feed (not included)...

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